Dream Home Design: The Perfect Fit

MSH Design Inc. is a professional architectural firm specializing in luxury dream home design. We have done projects based in California- Bel Air, Brentwood Park, Beverly Hills, and Los Angeles.

The signature facet of MSH Design is overall simplistic design. We keep aspects such as light, nature, and material both basic and authentic. For example, we make use of high, open spaces to allow for more light which retains its own form of elegance.

When we build, we make sure we aren’t directly disrupting the surrounding land. Each home is constructed as a part of the land, rather than it simply being built on top of it. Keeping this in mind, sustainability is made imperative to each design.

In terms of sustainable design, our materials are all authentic and real. There are no work-arounds when we build. No imitational materials are used here at MSH Design, and they are all natural. Our walls, for example, are always created thick for insulation, and we use real wood for cabinets, flooring, and attic spaces.

Everyone has a certain sense of style. A dream home is a reflection of the owner, an extension of their imagination. To make the best designs come to fruition through construction, we keep whatever style you may have in mind completely accurate to the historical architecture. Retaining flawless accuracy of the time period is imperative, and it’s a staple of MSH Design’s work. Honest design is what we always strive for, using fully all-natural materials and historical relevance.

One of the most important things that we keep in mind when designing is the occupants. Building the aforementioned open spaces we are known for, they are constructed around the people who will be eventually filling up those rooms. This is why each room is so aesthetically pleasing yet simple, because we make sure that balance is kept between the people and the special dimensions of the house itself. Otherwise, who would we be designing for?

When you work with MSH Design, you get the full package. This includes everything from start to finish, concept and design to construction. We walk you through the entire process and keep in constant contact with each client. The principle of the firm, Mehran Shahverdi, is always on top of things and oversees every project as well. All of our plans and designs are kept within the confines of the firm. There is always proper communication among all involved in the project, so you won’t have to constantly run back and forth between the construction team and the firm to make sure everything is under control.

If you’re in California and interested in building your very own dream home, then take a look at the rest of the MSH Design Inc. site, and consider using our services. We look very much forward to working with you!

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