Architect in Bel Air, Los Angeles
Architect in Bel Air, Los Angeles
Architect in Bel Air, Los Angeles
Architect in Bel Air, Los Angeles
Architect in Beverly Hills
Architect in Beverly Hills
Architect in Beverly Hills
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Luxury Residential Design Firm

responsible for dream homes and establishments in Bel Air, Beverly Hills, and elsewhere since 1997

MSH Design, Inc.


Based in Los Angeles, MSH Design specializes in luxury home design for the inhabitants of various residential areas including Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Brentwood Park, and its surrounding zones. MSH has designed and created homes for anyone looking to build a home residing within California’s beautiful landscape.  Since our founding in 1997, we have worked for a number of reputable clients, actors and millionaires alike, and we have been featured in a number of popular magazines and publications across the country. These include that of Vogue, Interior Design Magazine, Salons and Spas, California Homes, and many others.


Top-notch quality is what we always aim for when working with our clients across any nearby area, making sure to not only stay true to the basic ethics of architecture and design but also fully listening to the wants and needs of the client. This allows us to “follow the rules” of basic design, but also leaves more than enough room for needed innovation and organic beauty, which is shown in our past work. Therefore, communication between MSH and the you, the customer, is of the utmost importance for us, and this is why we are nothing short of the best architectural firm in Los Angeles. For you, we offer nothing short of magnificence for a contemporary design firm.


Mehran Shahverdi,owner and founder of the firm, has been infatuated with the inner workings and principles of architecture since his early days as a child. After going on to grow and mold his love for the industry into his own Los Angeles design firm, he has since received education and accreditation from both the University of Southern California and University of California, Los Angeles. Along with an outstanding track record of a fully licensed andregistered dream home designer, Shahverdi also possesses an impressive portfolio of work accumulated over the course of more than a decade and has made the dream homes of many come to reality.


What makes MSH so great is that we make sure to hit not only the basic aspects of architecture but also go beyond that. When designing and building, we make sure that durability, utility, and beauty are all taken into account,proudly standing behind these statures, as you cannot have any without the other in the field of high-end home architecture and design.Among these things, take environmental sensitivity into account as well, which adds to the beauty of the work we put out, while also keeping urban context in mind. We’re always looking for ways to take your breath away and fully immerse you in the grandeur and scenery around the work we provide. For us, the landscape is just as important as the building itself, as they work hand-in-hand when modern architects design luxury residential homes. We are a genuine and honest company which fully supports our overall message of a simple yet highly sustainable design. We make use of wide spaces and natural materials to create this look, which is signature to MSH Design.


No matter what you are looking for, whether it be that of high-end residential architecture or a modern home designer, MSH is more than capable of delivering the best quality service. More of our work can be found elsewhere on this site under “Our Work,” and we can currently be found in a number of local directories, the famous Houzz being among them, where we hold a 5-star rating. Making your dreams a reality every step of the way, MSH Design, Inc. bridges the gap between imagination and implementation.